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AED Units & Emergency Bleed Control Kits

For EMS Professionals or Personal Use


Our name, "Stop Heart Attack," and "Stop the Bleeding," speaks to the passion and dedication we have to save tens of thousands of lives that would be lost to sudden cardiac arrest or bleeding trauma without the presence of an AED unit or emergency bleeding control kit on site. Each of these extraordinary events often requires a rapid response from people who are on the scene before the Emergency Medical Technicians arrive if a positive outcome will be achieved. 

“Working in an industry in which I have chances to help save lives is truly rewarding,” says Floyd Larkin, founder and CEO of Stop Heart Attack/Stop the Bleeding. “I love hearing that one of our units has saved a life. Knowing that I played even the smallest part in a victim receiving a second chance at life is exciting.”

His experience in the AED industry began in 1976 while serving the needs of pre-hospital emergency services and in-hospital response teams. In 1999, he began, “Stop Heart Attack,” with a commitment to equipping both the ordinary person and the skilled EMS professional with the finest life-saving AED systems for extraordinary life and death circumstances. He later helped found the Lord Wedgwood Charity, which raises funds and donates defibrillators to schools and serves as a non-voting member of the charity’s board. As an avid outdoorsman, golfer and football fan, Larkin recognizes the great need for public access to life-saving defibrillators and has pioneered public access defibrillation (PAD) programs in multiple cities and states.

Today, with advancements in technology, not only partners with you to rescue victims of sudden cardiac arrest but offers cutting edge medical devices designed to identify potential heart related issues to prevent sudden cardiac arrest before it happens.

Whether you are a skilled EMS professional or a responsible business, educational or community leader you will benefit from the experience of Stop Heart Attack/Stop the Bleeding to provide the best product for your needs at the lowest cost for your budget.