AEDs is your one-stop source for products from the leading manufacturers of Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs). Combining decades of experience with long term relationships in the AED industry assures our customers they are receiving the best product at the best price.

Buying an AED is a trusted retailer of high quality automatic external defibrillators. We provide unmatched customer support to help our customers find the right AED for their needs. Besides supplying AEDs from popular brands like Phillips, Cardiac Science, Zoll, and more, we offer AED accessories to ensure the safety and regular maintenance of your new machine, as well as other life saving medical equipment, including emergency oxygen supply.

Why Purchase an AED?

Having emergency medical equipment like AED's in a safe and easily accessible place saves lives. Portable AEDs are carried by police and EMTs to quickly respond to cardiac emergencies, but the faster this life saving technology is administered, the greater the changes of survival become. (Emergency medical services should still always be called in the event of a medical emergency). AEDs are crucial to have around populated areas like schools and universities, large public spaces, and places of business.