CardeaScreen Handheld ECG System

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handheld ECG system

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Prevent Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Athletes

Early Detection Saves Lives

  • Two to three athletes out of 1,000 have a cardiac condition associated with sudden cardiac death.
  • Most athletes with at-risk conditions are asymptomatic.
  • Traditional pre-participation exams miss up to 80% of at-risk athletes.
  • ECG greatly increases detection of silent but potentially lethal structural and electrical cardiac disorders.

How Does CardeaScreen Help?

  • CardeaScreen uses novel ECG technology specifically designed to screen young athletes.                                      athletes.png
  • Uses athlete-specific interpretation standards (the 'Seattle Criteria')
  • provides confidence to the physician with less experience in ECG interpretation in athletes.
  • CardeaScreen is a compact, portable device that can be used at Pre-Participation and heart screening events in the office or the community.

ECG Screening in College Athletes

A recent NCAA study* compared the effectiveness of the traditional PPE versus ECG for 2,500 intercollegiate athletes using the Seattle Criteria. 7 (0.3%) athletes were identified with a serious cardiac disorder, all with an abnormal ECG. Medical history and physical exams were of low value in finding abnormalities. ECG with the Seattle Criteria had a false-positive rate < 3% and a high predictive value. The inclusion of ECG as part of an integrated PPE will increase detection of athletes at-risk and raise awareness to abnormal history and physical exam findings that otherwise go unrecognized unreported or investigated.

Three Reasons to Screen Young Athletes with an ECG System

  • Best predictor of cardiac abnormalities using the Seattle Criteria 
  • Easy to use, compact, relies on industry-standard PCs
  • Cost-effective