1. Q. How much time is needed per individual being screened ?

A. Time can range from between 4 and 7 minutes per screening You can have students pre register to make the initial screening shorter on time. If they do not pre register, then you will have to have someone enter the information just prior to screening which in turn will make the initial process a few minutes longer.

2. Q. How much personnel is needed for a screening?

A. Depending on the number of students being screened and number of units that you are using. Typically, there would be one person doing the pre registration (For all participants), and I person per child that will place the electrodes and either print the report or save it for someone to view at a later date.

3. Q. Who would run the CardeaScreen?

A. Anyone that knows how and where to place the electrodes. Training of this can be handled in matter of minutes from a Cardiologist, EMT, Fireman or other qualified individuals.

4. Q. What equipment is needed to do a screening?

A. 1-Cardea Screen Unit , 1 Laptop (Bluetoothed with Cardea Screen) 10 electrodes per student and printer. (One printer can be set up on a network to print for all units being)

5. Q. Do we have additional space to run the CardeaScreen?

A. Screenings can take place in an Athletic room, locker room, gymnasium or nurses office.

6. Q. Do we need private areas?

A. If male and female are being done at the same time, there would be a need to have separate areas for each. (This would require to have the proper equipment for each area)

7. Q. Who will cover the expense of the testing?

A. Assuming the following: Cardea Screen device is purchased or on loan, there are volunteers to help with the screening and Venue is at N/C; the only cost would be approx. $2.00 per participant for 10 Electrodes and any compensation that would be paid to Cardiologist that would do the over reads. (You can typically get a Cardiologist to volunteer their time at N/C.