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EMERGENCY BLEEDING CONTROL specializes in providing the best quality emergency bleeding control products at the best prices. These bleed control kits provide the equipment necessary to save lives in emergency situations and can be easily used by first time rescuers while waiting for first responders to arrive on the scene. Bleeding control kits are important to have on hand in active shooter situations, natural disasters, accidents, and many other situations that require emergency medical service and greatly enhance a bleeding victims chances for survival.

Bleeding Control Kits

Bleeding control kits are specifically designed to provide bystanders and emergency responders with all the equipment necessary to save lives in an easily accessible kit. We offer pre-packaged emergency bleed control kits perfect for:

  • schools
  • places of worship
  • businesses
  • law enforcement
  • EMS

Contact us to ask about custom designed bleed control kits to suit your specific industry needs.