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3 Common AED Myths

3 Common AED Myths

Posted by Kristie Moffett - National Operations Director on 15th Mar 2019

1. Too much liability

This is the most common myth used against the purchase of an AED in a public setting (workplace, public buildings, churches, etc.).  When, in fact, the Good Samaritan Laws are intended to protect non-medical professionals who use an AED in the event of a medical emergency. Get to know how deeply your state protects those who provide life-saving support in these cases.

2. Too expensive

Defibrillators have continued to decrease in both the upfront cost of purchasing as well as the maintenance costs associated with the supplies. In many cases, an AED will range in price from $1100.00 - $1600.00. Depending on the type of AED selected, maintenance cost could be as low as $180.00 every 4 years.  Life is too precious to attach a price tag, especially when considering the lives of your loved ones.  Consider the value of having an AED at home or in your vehicle at all times.  Shop for an AED Today!

3. I am not trained to use an AED

AED manufacturers have included step-by-step voice prompts that begin as soon as the device is activated. These easy to understand prompts will guide you through the rescue process. Some AED’s are fully automatic meaning that pressing the shock button is not needed. The AED will access the heart rhythm, instruct the rescuer to a hands off position and deliver a shock if needed. Also, included in some AED’s are CPR coaching and visual prompts. All of these aids are designed for the public bystander. 

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