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SouthPoint Bank Equipped with Lifesaving AED, Bleeding Control Kits, and Training

SouthPoint Bank Equipped with Lifesaving AED, Bleeding Control Kits, and Training

8th Nov 2018

(Pictured above is SouthPoint Bank’s corporate headquarters in Birmingham, AL)

Birmingham, AL – A major bank’s corporate headquarters is now equipped and ready to respond in an emergency. SouthPoint Bank’s headquarters – located on Highway 280 in Birmingham – has recently installed a brand new automated external defibrillator (AED), bleeding control kits, and emergency oxygen to better prepare should an emergency occur on its grounds. When coupled with CPR, the use of an AED can greatly increase the chance of survival in victims of sudden cardiac arrest. Furthermore, the bleeding control kits are available if needed to increase survival from uncontrolled bleeding, which is the #2 cause of preventable death outside of the hospital.

SouthPoint Bank’s CEO, Steve Smith, is thankful to take this next step of preparedness. “At SouthPoint, part of our core values includes respect and commitment to our team and to our customers; as a result, we cannot ignore the aspect of safety and preparedness for the wellbeing of those we serve on a daily basis in our facilities,” said Smith. “Stop Heart Attack and Trio Safety helped us be ready to assist our team and customers should an emergency occur by providing AEDs and bleeding control kits, as well as the necessary training,” according to Smith. He also added, “installing this crucial life-saving equipment in our new headquarters is just a small step toward making sure we are prepared for any scenario.”

About SouthPoint Bank

Since 2005, SouthPoint Bank has had one mission in life, and that is to help you move forward. That’s our mission and we live up to it with by providing you with competitive offerings, thoughtful products and, above all, impeccable service that puts people first. Everything we do, every product we offer, and every effort we put forth comes together with one purpose in mind: Pointing you forward.

About Stop Heart Attack | Trio Safety CPR+AED

In 1997, Stop Heart Attack was founded by Mr. Floyd Larkin to help bring life-saving devices to communities across the United States. By delivering outstanding customer service and AED support, Stop Heart Attack has delivered over 14,000 AEDs to all regions of the country. Some of these AEDs have been used to save lives of victims of sudden cardiac arrest. Our company has rolled out many public access defibrillation programs across the region in cities, churches, and businesses. Stop Heart Attack is a national distributor of all major AED devices, including the brands of Cardiac Science, Defibtech, Heartsine, Philips, Physio Control, and Zoll. Stop Heart Attack is headquartered in Birmingham, AL, and maintains a full-time team focused on supporting all AEDs, technical support, and product replenishment for batteries, pads, and other items. The motto of Stop Heart Attack is Lifesaving Made Easy™. Additionally, Stop Heart Attack promotes and supplies a variety of the best bleeding control devices and training. To find out more, visit | | (205) 823-6967.

In 2012, Brady and Malynda McLaughlin launched Trio Safety CPR+AED to help bring high-quality First Aid, CPR, and AED training to people who need it. Trio has developed an Easy, Engaging, Effective ™ methodology to deliver memorable, compliant courses through the American Heart Association, American Red Cross, American Safety & Health Institute, and other nationally recognized curriculum. Every student leaves class with their certification card the same-day, as well as a CPR mask so they are prepared to respond when seconds count. Our instructors are real-world public safety, healthcare, and educational professionals, meaning our students receive only the best classroom and training experience. Trio has built a nationwide network of over 1,200 CPR instructors that have trained over 60,000 students since 2012. Classes are delivered onsite anywhere at businesses, churches, homes, schools, and venues as well as at our training centers across Alabama. To find out more, visit | (205) 440-1000 or (844) CPR-CLASS.

In early 2018, Stop Heart Attack and Trio Safety CPR+AED merged and joined forces with one focused goal: to provide only the best products, services, and training geared towards saving lives through the Chain of Survival.

Kristie Moffett | National Operations Director | email
(205) 823-6967 | office | website
1572 Montgomery Hwy, Suite 202, Birmingham, AL 35216