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Stop Heart Attack & Cardiac Science Sponsor Mercedes Marathon

Stop Heart Attack & Cardiac Science Sponsor Mercedes Marathon

6th Mar 2019

Stop Heart Attack partnered with Cardiac Science to officially sponsor the 2019 Mercedes Marathon Weekend in Birmingham in February.

Stop Heart Attack provided lifesaving Cardiac Science G3 and G5 AEDs along the race routes to ensure protection was provided to runners and spectators should a sudden cardiac arrest occur.

Stop Heart Attack's own Rusty Lowe, also a retired Hoover Fire Captain / Paramedic, has served as the Medical Coordinator for the Mercedes Marathon for years; but this time was different. Lowe says the AEDs are small and easy to carry, and he "cannot stress the importance of these in businesses, homes, special events - I mean they're lifesavers."

A 37 year-old male runner, Joe Henson, suddenly collapsed at the finish line during the men's half marathon. A cardiologist was running alongside the patient and immediately began CPR using chest compressions to help start the chain of survival. Another trained responder grabbed one of the Cardiac Science G5 AEDs to determine if a shock was needed.

Birmingham Firefighters and team members from St. Vincent's Sports Medicine took over the patient care. The patient was transported to a local hospital and is expected to make a full recovery.