Philips Waterproof AED Hard Case for Onsite and FRX

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Waterproof AED Case

Made of hard-shell plastic, this AED carrying case is suited for rigorous use, particularly in wet outdoor settings. It can also accommodate a spare battery, spare pads, and the contents of the Fast Response Kit. Product does not contain dry natural rubber or natural rubber latex that can contact humans.

Color: Red

Dimensions: 12 1/4" W x 11 5/8" H x 5 3/4" D

Weight: 2.268kg

Fits the following AED units:

May be used for the following models: OnSite, Home, FRx, FR2+ & FR2+ with ECG E, S, EM, (ForeRunner AED)940010XX, 940020XX, 94030XX (HeartStart FR AED) M3860A, M3861A, M3840A, M3841A, M3854A (FR2 Series AED)M5066A (HeartStart HS1 AED)